Shoe Bites: Stella McCartney Knows How to ‘Levitate’ a Fashion Preview

The it crowd, Rihanna, Stella McCartney, Anna Wintour, Anja Rubik, Alexa Chung
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At the recent collection preview in London, Stella McCartney took it to another level of cool. She decided to throw a dinner party (5 very small veg portions apparently) filled with all the hippest people in the world – we’re talking major, allow me to drop some of the biggest names in fashion. Keep Google open (just in case you don’t know some of these names) Rihanna, Amber Valletta, Juergen Teller, Yasmin Le Bon, Anna Wintour the Driver sisters, Bianca Jagger, Shalom Harlow, Kate Moss and Jamie Hince, Anouck Lepère, Mario Testino, Shailene Woodley and Stella Tennant. I may have missed out a few, but who gives a damn, that is some guest list right there.

dont drop alexa, Alexa Chung
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What was truly special about this preview from all the accounts I’ve read from people like Tim Blanks, was that everyone could sense there was going to be something exciting happening, but didn’t know what it was. At first Tim says that the performance of Hans Klok (Dutch illusionist) who levitated Alexa Chung over three scimitars was that big ‘ah’ moment, but to his surprise that wasn’t it.

fashion flash, Twitter Pictures, Twitter, Stella McCartneyPicture Courtesy

It was the flash mob that absolutely no one expected that had everyone gasping. Apparently, right after the levitating moment, there was what appeared to be a brawl on one of the tables that turned into a dance routine of ‘incognito’ people on each of the tables. I would have loved to see the looks on those not in the know.. Priceless.

curves, Yasmin La Bon, Shalom Harlow, Kate MossPicture Courtesy

As for the fashion, did anyone even pay attention to it after all this drama, hell yeah! The clothing that the guest wore were all from the latest collection, obviously. Let me tell you, this collection has something for every figure. Stella has created some gobsmackingly flattering garments that are bound to make any girl look that extra bit of sexy. Don’t know what I mean?  Just have a look at the way Kate moss and Yasmin La Bon (above) look in them. It’s not all about hugging the figure though, Stella also offers a variety of clothing with creative volume. Bubble bustles, exaggerated peplums, it’s all about making that waist look tiny whilst rounding you out on the bottom, what’s not to love about that huh ladies?

Over size it, Stella McCartney CollectionPicture Courtesy

Man sexy, Stella McCartneyPicture Courtesy

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