The Elevated Saunterer Spotted In Marie Claire & Vogue!!!

This was truly and epic week, first i find out I’m in and then a few days later I’m featured in Marie Claire magazine! what a great way to start the second month of the year huh!? Blessed!

The story behind Marie Claire

Marie Claire, Diesel Jeans, Angelina Jolie,

I’ve probably met Nikhil D (who I believe is the Senior Fashion Stylist at Marie Claire) a few times at fashion week, where we shared a few drinks and many catty one liners. He’s definitely one of those cool fashion people many aspire to be. That’s why it came as such a surprise when he called me up one day telling me that he was writing this piece about Diesel Jeans and wanted me to send in a few lines about my style. I didn’t put two and two together at the time, but did wrote back to him with all the question and details he required.. and Voila! The Feb issue was out and a friend of mind sent me a picture of me (via bbm, how tech savvy?!) in the magazine! Thanks so much Nikhil for thinking about me for this piece. I really do love those jeans, too bad I can’t afford them!

The story behind the Vogue post

Vogue online

I went for Sula fest (courtesy of with my gal pal Amruta Khatavkar and boy did we have a blast, big thanks to RpH and Sula for looking after us so well. At the event we met with blogger Karina Aggarwal (@giggle_water) who has her own blog called Giggle Water 411 which talks about food and alcohol, two of my favorite things! She must have fancied something about my outfit because she featured me in her article about Sula fest on! Thanks again Karina, you’re a doll, hope to you see you at fashion week! You can check out what Karina was wearing in this article, click HERE.


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