25. Arina (Apologises for Me!)

I know it’s ridiculous to start a blog and then go missing for, what has it been 3 odd weeks?! I should put in more effort into documenting my love for all this fluff and shoes. I promise to be more regular, but by the end of this post you’ll see what I’ve been happily occupied with.

Since I’ve moved to Mumbai to take up my new role as Head of Fashion for MissMalini.com, I’ve been spending all my evenings with Arina and my best bud Sami Savanur. We go jogging everyday at joggers park, which is exhausting and leads to being excruciatingly lazy when I get back home. This is probably the biggest reason why I don’t blog as much (that and the fact that I don’t have internet at home). But lets talk about the fun things I’ve been up to, like the beautiful wedding on the sands of Goa.

At MissMalini’s Wedding

Sangeet with Ranjit and Sami

When MissMalini invited me to the wedding, apart from being so touched, my biggest question was.. WHAT TO WEAR!? I headed straight to Pune and searched through my mom’s closet. However she has moved to the Philippines and taken all her sarees with her. The only one left was this fully stitched pink sari (big sigh of relief), I wore it with a white corset blouse that thankfully complimented the look. Yours truly was supposed to dance at the Sangeet but I am SOOO challenged when it come to Bollywood dancing that I had to gracefully drop out. Glad I did because the people who performed were better than most professionals! The best dancer of the night in my opinion, was Malini’s mom, It was adorable to see her dance the night away, she’s such a bundle of energy, love it. All the dancing (and the mojitos) did make me temporarily forget that the next day for the reception I was going to wear a swimsuit sari!

You want me to wear WHAT!?

shivan & Narresh

As usual when I’m in trouble for clothes I call my boys. To my shock and horror they decided to send me something I never thought I’d ever wear! When I first heard Shivan & Narresh were sending me the maillot sari I freaked out, I don’t have the body for it and was terrified that it would be inappropriate, as usual I was wrong! Silly me, I shouldn’t worry when I’m in the hands of Shivan & Narresh. I can tell you this the Sari was a dream to wear on the beach, easy to walk in, dance in and very importantly.. comfortable! They did crib that I wasn’t showing enough skin, but to my defense, I like being covered up!

Shivan Narresh Sari and Ranjit Rodricks

The reception as well as ferrahs (is this how you spell it?)were just the way Malini had planned, or probably even better than she imagined. Everything looked picturesque and went off without any hitches. The toasts were the best part of the evening where their close family and friends brought back incredible memories from their past for all of us to share it. I suggest more people have beach weddings, it makes for great atmosphere and is such a contemporary setting for an age-old tradition.

For all the wedding action do go to MissMalini.com and read the posts and watch the videos!


2 responses to “25. Arina (Apologises for Me!)

  1. amu

    Missed reading your blog Sue 🙂
    So cute you look in saree and all!

    P.S. Its “Pheras” … Lol

  2. kavita

    omg!! the swimsuit sari is brilliant!! and I absolutely LOVE the pink sari. gorgeous color. and you too sue. (haha that rhymes) 😀 so pretty!!

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