Decoding the Runway: Chanel (Pre-Fall 2012)

Chanel pre fall 2012

Good news for those who do like the Chanel Pre Fall 2012 collection, you can get an almost exact match to the flats you see above right here on Linking Road. In fact I think I even saw a pair of these gold beaded chappals about a year ago when I went shopping for my friend’s wedding. So not to worry, just a little search in your favourite markets and you’ll get one for what I presume is 1/billionth the price!

tacky, Chanel Pre Fall 2012

As your friend and fellow shoe addict, I FORBID you to buy anything that looks as tacky as these sequined ankle boots with elastic on the sides. Oh the torture to even look or comment on them! I can’t think of one outfit that could make these work. Really what was Karl Lagerfeld thinking? The boot below in theory I understand, who wouldn’t want a riding boot legging. I’m sure a lot of horse riding women would want to have these wouldn’t they? Sorry I was attempting to be nice #epicfail

riding boot leggings, Chanel Pre Fall 2012

Ahh, The Paris-Bombay debacle, I say this because I think I’m amongst the minority here who really didn’t think much about the collection. Additionally, after looking at the footwear I’m further saddened by this collection by Chanel. I’m a big fan of the house and of Karl, but where Alexander McQueen succeeded with his Indian inpired collection, Karl failed.


One response to “Decoding the Runway: Chanel (Pre-Fall 2012)

  1. Personally, I’m in LOVE with all the shoes shown here! I do find the elastic on the boots a little strange, but I’m a sucker for anything sparkly. However, the black brocade pants worn with the silver boots are a different story; those don’t even look good on a model, much less anyone else!

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