Toe Tappers: Labrinth ‘Earthquake’ ft Tinie Tempah

I heard this song yesterday in a car that I call ‘Miami on Wheels’ a.k.a Natalie Grant’s Beemer. As she rightly puts it, this song is “so trippy yaa”. I had never heard of Labrinth until last night and boy am I glad I have now. The lyrics are hilarious, the soung is a mix of hip hop, dubstep and EDM. You would think that it would sound awful, but trust me it’s going to get stuck in your head and you’re going to be playing it on repeat.

Earthquake Labrinth

My Favourite line/verse from all the lyrics is.. So let me first apologise, To shirts and the ties, For your make up, Cuz I make you ugly! That is brill!



Labrinth come in

Ladies and gentleman
This is something they call
A ground breaker

So let me first apologise
To shirts and the ties
For your make up

Cuz I make you ugly
As soon as it drops
We’re on a rampage
Bottles popping off

Before you know it
there is rubble and dust
Cuz we be fckn it up

Somebody say
You better run



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