Oh December, What a Month Part 3 – Wine and the Rajahs

Wow I didn’t think I’d need so many posts for all the things I did in december, and I’m not even adding all the events, just a few of the highlights! I think i’ll need another one, yikes! Well without further a do..

Poona Club Wine Festival

Wine Festival

L-R Me, Milan Pal, Anuja & Rashmi Alevoor, Below Cristabel Menezes and Percy Shadrach

200rs for 38 glasses of wine. Paisa VASOOL! Poona Club had a one day wine festival which included some of the best and not so best wines from all around India. Also there were stalls from Ter Tulia, Malaka Spice and ABC farms which has the best paprika and garlic cheese (must try if you stop by Pune). We got there pretty early around 4 and finally left at around 8/9 where we headed to a crowd who was swaying for other reasons. 

Swaying at High Spirits

reggae rajahs

The reason why the crowd was getting jiggy wasn’t because of all the wine, but rather Reggae Rajahs who were playing at my local bar The High Spirits. The duo invited Mr. Williams who sang most of the songs that night. To be honest it was the first time I heard the rajahs, so I can’t remember much of the music, but I can tell you it made you dance. So if you get the chance you must go see them perform live.


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