Oh December, What a Month Part 2 – Christmas Trees and House Parties

More of my December festivities. India Resort Fashion week was sandwiched right in between both the event below. So if you’ld like to re cap or haven’t read what all went down in Goa then click HERE for all that scoop. It was an exciting few days in Goa with Susumita Sen, free alcohol, fashion and night time beach fun. Yet it was great to get back home and prepare for all the post fashion week festivities, namely my first ever Christmas Party! Speaking of firsts…

Sami’s First Christmas Tree

Sami's tree

It’s often taken for granted that everyone at some point has decorated a christmas tree. Well this simply isn’t true. My friend Sami Savanur, has in fact never has the opportunity to put up a tree and decorate it. So he came over to my house to help me, and by help i mean, he did it all because he was enjoyed it. It did look a bit of a mess and we didn’t have a tree topper, but none the less, it’s all about the memories no!?

My All White Christmas Party

Christmas Party

What is Christmas without a house party, so to celebrate I decided to throw an all White theme party. Now the problem with this is that I didn’t have anything white to wear. There was absolutely no time, what with the Pitbull concert and India Resort Fashion Week, I really tried to find something, but sadly I was the ONLY one in a blue-ish-white ensemble,In hind sight I really should have worn pink. My teacher always said, better a good contrast than a bad match. This basically meant meant… SHOTS. Yes I set my self up for this crazy night, I told all my friends they’d be force fed shots if they didn’t wear white. Honestly though with the beautiful Rose strawberry tequila shots, it wasn’t so bad. I also made this yummy dip which we ate with sliced up carrots, cucumbers and bell peppers (for us healthy ones) and some chips (for us healthy ones who craved fatty foods while drinking). Also on the menu, food from Marrakech and Chirstmas cake which was good but not authentic. Didn’t take too many pictures as I was playing host. I actually didn’t get any pictures of my guy friends, sadly.

better in reality


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