Oh December, What a Month Part 1 – Motorcross and Pitbull

took a break

I know I’ve been neglecting the blog over the past few weeks, but trust me when I say, it’s been absolutely hectic in this Elevated Saunterer’s life. You are about to see why, I’ve squeezed all my activities into a few posts, in chronological order (I think).  This December, I decided to do it all, say yes to all the invites, be willing to try new things and most importantly be nice to people! Since this change of mind (good riddence to CA banker boy) and heart I’ve not looked back and had an incredible Festive month. So good infact that i’ve decided to carry on this attitude of being… happy.

Motorcross, Bike can Fly!?

motor cross Pune

Yes Motorcross came to Pune, and it was crazy fun! My friend Waylon D’Mello out of the blue one day calls me and tells me, he really asks (thats why I love him), that we’re going to see the Motorcross. I’m not really into bikes and things of that nature, but this was incredible. So I broke out my new flats and headed over to the dusty track. Surprisingly there were so many makka-pav’s or rather boys from Goa who took part as official racers, who knew!? One racer was actually pretty cute, obviously I was there for the eye candy, and the stunts. Who knew bikes could jump so high in the air!

Big Thanks to Waylon’s Boss who hooked us up with tickets to go see the event.

Pitbull in Pune, what a MC yaar!


Honestly, I know all of 2 Pitbull songs and they both sound alike. That why when we went for the concet my main focus was cheap tickets and crowd watching. Turns out that was more fun than the actual concert, Pitbull “sang” his one liners to all the latest songs so essentially playing karaoke or MC for the night. I did enjoy the other things though, like the little kids who decided to stand on tables/chairs (where did they find them) because they couldn’t see him perform. A note to those who are going to a concert for the first time in India. It’s usually held at a farm or field somewhere, so don’t wear your pretty heels because you will fall, will damage your shoes and look stupid (oops harsh much?).

epic fail

The funniest moment of the night had to be before the concert even started, we were all waiting in the ‘normal’ entry line when a bunch of American girls fell in line behind us. This next bit (below) is the conversation and events that followed:

American Girl 1: “Ohh isn’t that the Bouncer *points at big tall bouncer at VIP section* we saw at Stone the other day.”
American Girl 2:  “yeah it is, do you think he’ll let us into the VIP section?”
American Girl 3: “YESS, lets go try our luck. So the two hottest of us should run up to him, So I and you (points at tall blonde girl) should go.”
Me (overhearing): *snicker softly to myself* “hehehe”
*Two of the hottest of them run up to bouncer. Bouncer looks smiles gives them a hug, waves bye and head back into the VIP section. Girls are gobsmacked*
American Girl 3: “Guess out charm didn’t work” 
Me (still over hearing): *Loudly* “HAHAHAHAHA”


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