India Resort Fashion Week 2011, Day 4, Manish Malhotra and Marbela Memories


Manish Malhotra is known for his commercially viable Indian wear, and no one does it better than him. Many say that Sabyasachi Mukherjee also does superb India wear, but when it comes right down to it, Manish’s vision appeals to the majority. The same can be said about this latest collection at IRFW2011. Although it wasn’t a classic resort wear collection, it was definitely what Manish imagines a sangeet on a beach should look like. The colours were done in sections from pinks to whites to deep reds, a warm palette heavy with metallic accents. As before the anarkalis are still long but not as voluminous. Oddly enough, I wished he would have given us a true resort collection, one that focused on separates rather than a whole outfit. It would have been interesting to see his creativity flourish in other genres of fashion.

manish malhotra

Love the drummer Boys

dance bro dance

In between shows, in true Goa style there were some performances from different acts, actually just two, fire dancers (I think the were) and the more entertaining – the percussionists. I love a good beat and when coupled together with two hunky looking Brazilian men, it couldn’t get any better, now could it? The only one not effected by the action was this dog (above) who was sleeping on the sand looking like he was about to jump. For some reason, we were so fascinated by this little one that we had to take pictures of him. We also named him bro, after the most used word at fashion week (don’t ask, I guess the word fierce was too passe).

Making Memories


I’m sure seeing Sushmita Sen walking the ramp would have been memorable for a lot of people, but for me the real memories were made with this (above) bunch of people. The whole of fashion week was spent with them doing fun stuff, from our impromptu pool parties to jokes that only made sense to us. Some jokes that weren’t even funny, like going fishing and cutting your leg on a rock, or dancing on a sofa with a butter knife (and pretending to shave with it), honestly not funny, but soo hilarious to our twisted albeit alcohol influenced minds. Out of all the fun times, I think my favourite memory though was with Samrridhi Kukreja playing with our dog (for the day) ‘bro’ on Morjim beach in the water under the moon light! Such fun and so gorgeous. So here is a BIG thank you to Shruti Thacker, Esha Amin, Narresh Kukreja, Shivan Bhatiya, Siddhartth Mahajan, Gayatri Reddy, Kavita & Jay, Ranjit Rodericks, Kanav Mehrotra, Isha Bhansali, MissMalini and never the least my brah Samrridhi Kukreja. See you’ll all at the next fashion week or maybe we should all head to Marbela Beach for new years what say?!

That’s a rap for the IRFW 2011 coverage on the Elevated Saunterer, hope you enjoyed all the action, but don’t worry our Crave Lists and High Heel Celebrities should be up and running shortly!


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