The Elevated Saunterer Hearts: Shweta Sharma

shweta sharma

Name: Shweta Sharma
Works as a stylist and fashion editor on fashion based TV programs
A quote she uses often: “No Minutes” (I wrote this down when I interviewed her, but I think i mis-wrote this)
How I met her: Behind the Scenes of MissMalini’s interview with Narendra Kumar at IRFW 2011
My favorite memory with her: Her coaxing/forcing me to interview Louw Kotze for a TV show (i hate being in front of the camera!)


Favourite Item in her wardrobe: Green Zara Shorts. She’s worn so many times that she’s worried that one day they might dissolve while int he wash! She also has sentimental value on a necklace that her mentor Mohan Neelakantan gave her.
If she wasn’t doing what she does now, she would: Be sketching with a black Uni ball pen
1st song on her ipod/phone: Constantly by Cliff Richard


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