India Resort Fashion Week Day 4, Marbela Beach Bar Tenders Hotter than Sushmita Sen (Say what?)

on our way to marbela

The last day at India Resort Fashion Week 2011 was by far the most fun, as I finally got to be on a beach! Although cooped up in a 5 star resort with some great fashion and all your friends isn’t bad at all, but when in Goa.. Go to the beach, no!? I didn’t manage to get a full length picture of what I was wearing to show you guys, but essentially its this gorgeous sequinned bikini worn with a trapeze blouse from Shivan & Narresh and my yellow linen shorts. Now for the stories, well basically I’m just going to account all that happened, I’m guessing it’s less incriminating that way! Just kidding, nothing scandalous happened (disappointed?).

Getting to Marbela

in the delhi

From head to toe we girls like to look right, thats why Shruti Thacker was, very skilfully I might add, applying her nail polish in the bus as we were on our way to Marbela Beach. More than the actual act of doing her nails in the bus, what really tickled me was the name of the polish. Lunch in the Delhi by O.P.I from their India collection. How cute is that? Speaking of cute, check out the yummy bartenders are Marbela! I’m guessing they were from Brazil or Portugal as they were speaking portuguese. There was not an ounce of fat on their bodies, damn that’s some serious gym dedication. Oddly enough, all that was running through my mind when I saw hunky bartender  was ‘can you squeeeeeze a lime in my drink puh-lese‘. I have to admit, the bartenders did look super hot, almost as hot or a tad bit hotter than the show stopper of the night.

squeez that lime

Shantanu & Nikhil’s Show Stopper

sushmita sen

The gorgeous Sushmita Sen walked for Shantanu & Nikhil, while we didn’t see her all night, she sure made an entrance in an electric blue ,slit up to there gown. It’s a shame we don’t see her in too many movies any more, although I think she’s a better personality than she is an actress, but this is coming from someone who knows the bare minimum about bollywood. What I do know is fashion, and while I really want to say Shantanu & Nikhil’s collection was a resort collection, it really wasn’t. It was a very strong festive collection filled with numerous options for the party girl and also for the beach bride. I loved the shock of blues, orange and reds against the pale ivories and embroidered net. I would love to wear the short bride’s dress, although not for my own wedding but maybe for a beach soiree this season. Too bad I don’t have beach party invites!

shantanu & nikhil

The model in the grey dress almost tripped, but did manage to pull it together!


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