The Elevated Saunterer Hearts: Louw Kotzé

Louw Kotze

Name: Louw Kotzé
Fashion Enthusiast from South Africa
A quote he uses all the time: “Brilliant”
How I met him: At a lounge at India Resort Fashion Week 2011 in Goa
My favorite memory with him: Sitting on a napkin near the dinner area at the Grand Hyatt discussing how your 20s are a time to do it all.


Love his Anchor tattoo which signifies being grounded

Favourite Item in his wardrobe: His Sunglasses as they were given to him by Grace Coddington when she realised they didn’t suit her, how incredible is that?!
If he wasn’t doing what he does now, he would: Be in a Coffin (Yikes! Just goes to show you how much he loves fashion)
1st song on his ipod/phone: Little Dragon – Blinking Pigs

up high down low
A close up of his Vivienne Westwood shirt with a Christ Hands collar button and his leather sandals he got from a local Indian Market.


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