India Resort Fashion Week 2011 Day 3, Pria Kataria Puri’s show and our After Pool Party

pria kataria puri

Doesn’t Surelee Joseph’s legs look AMAZING!

Continuing from Part 1Pria Kataria Puri showed her Persian Punk collection again for IRFW2011, adding a few new pieces but over all the effect was the same. This time though there was more of a focus on short jumpsuits and sequinned bikinis. It would have been nice to see a different print as we’re getting used to seeing this print time and again. Personally I would love to see Pria surprise us by working with some solid colours. If she were to mix her prints and flowly silhouettes with some smart solid jackets and pencil skirts, it would take her collection to a whole new level of high fashion. Having said that, I’m sure she knows just what to do next season to wow us.

Keeping it White

napkin white

You may have seen Edward Lalrempuia on the front row many times, with his big smile and witty one liners, always dressed in his signature shorts, shirts and blazers. After Pria’s show we all decided to head near the outdoor pool area to get some drinks. Edward was dressed head to toe in white, when in Goa, white is the most brilliant colour, plus our skin tones look incredible in it. Back to the point, not that the Hyatt is dusty or dirty, but when you are wearing all white and not wanting to use surf exel the next morning; simply lay down a napkin before sitting. Simple solutions to keeping your white.. bright! Fashion people always have the best solution for taking care of our garments.

Our Own Scene

pool party

After the last show was over and the lounges no longer appealed, the Shivan & Narresh entourage headed over to the pool area, to be under the stars and as usual discuss fashion, eat, drink and laugh. Being that the brand is all about swimwear, and there was a pool near by, some of us decided we wanted to jump in (not me and not in that dress!). I was more than content looking at the others get drenched and laugh as the guards decided it wasn’t safe to swim at night! Oh did I mention that pool lounge chairs are not strong enough for more than one person, unfortunately one snapped while two people were in it. Oopsie! Well I can’t name names, or rather I just don’t, so sorry I can’t be as juicy as some of the other blogs.  Ahh what a night, but nothing as compared to day 4 at Marbela Beach (coming soon!)


4 responses to “India Resort Fashion Week 2011 Day 3, Pria Kataria Puri’s show and our After Pool Party

  1. loved this post!! love the fashion!

  2. esha amin

    sue such good work babe you have a brilliant eye…<3ed reading every bit of your blog..can't wait to read whats coming up next

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