India Resort Fashion Week 2011 Day 3, Fun On and Off the Runway! Part 1

Shivan & Narresh

As much as I would like to think you readers like my fashion based posts, I know it’s the action off the runway that you really like to read about. Well here is a peak into my life from day 3 at IRFW2011. Didn’t I tell you I was going to wear this dress, well low and behold I did, plus I fit into it perfectly, thank you Shivan & Narresh (muah). Running around in heel-less heels to eating a seriously fatty breakfast, it’ll all about to unfold. To be perfectly honest, the build up to these stories are probably more enticing that the stories themselves! 

Count the Plates

breakfast of champions

This has to be my favourite moment of all of IRFW 2011, it is no secret as to how much I love this group of people. Whenever we get together at fashion week it’s a riot of food, laughter, clothes and verbal diarrhea. Somehow that morning all of us were unusually excitable, maybe it was the mixture of Shivan & Narresh’s pre show jitters and my nerves about fitting into the dress, but we were very loud and very..hungry. The Grand Hyatt has the best breakfast buffet I’ve seen, they have the pancake counter, live eggs, salad bar, desserts and baked good section, Indian and continental selections, coffee and juice bar; you name it! Believe it or not, yours truly along with the boys and Samrridhi hit each counter and the plates began to pile up! The absolute chaos on the table along with our high pitched burst of laugher suddenly saw us sitting alone amongst empty table besides us. Is it our fault for loving breakfast? I think NOT.

Forêt Noire

We may joke around and play the part of the biggest goof balls around fashion week, but when it comes to the fashion Shivan & Narresh mean business. They have evolved each time they have showcased, each time propelling their brand further into a realm that will one day see them in the international limelight. Their short film directed by Rohan Michael Hoole built just the right amount of anticipation to see the collection. Plus let’s face it, everyone who was attending IRFW 2011, knew that they were the ones to watch out for. The collection this time had some dark undertones which was a refreshing change to to their previous more joyous collections in the past. We’ve said many times that their strength lies in the knack for colours and styling. However the true hero was their introduction of print for the first time. Not overly done along with their great sense of colour left everyone whispering “we believe in fashion again”.

Shivan & Narresh

Stay tunned for part 2 of day 3, with Pria Kataria Puri and our own after party by the pool, where we almost broke a chair!


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