The Elevated Saunterer Hearts: Shruti Thacker

shruti thackerWearing Anuj Sharma

Name: Shruti Thacker
Works for
A quote to describe herself: “Socially awkward since 1985”
How I met her: At a Vogue Style Class held at Oberoi/Hilton Towers
My favorite memory with her: Sitting on the first row at fashion week dissing a collection


arm candyMeaning of tattoo: ‘this too shall pass’

Favourite Item in her wardrobe: her 1980s Casio Digital Gold watch because it reminds her of her brother’s Casio watch that she used to steal as a kid. She searched everywhere to get it finally finding it at a road side vendor in London.
If she wasn’t doing what she does now, she would: Be a war correspondent
1st song on her ipod/phone: Nigga in Paris – Jay Z and Kanye


One response to “The Elevated Saunterer Hearts: Shruti Thacker

  1. Sam

    Cute and great taste in music! Nice

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