India Resort Fashion Week 2011, Day 2 – Creepy crawlies, Ken Doll, Nari & my girlies!

day 2 irfw

I knew I’d be dressing up to the nines on the penultimate and last day, so decided to keep it simple with this simple ikkat print dress, that believe it or not was bought from Walmart for all of 10 dollars. What really makes the entire outfit though, is the Shivan & Narresh neckpiece from their latest collection. Yet, as I’ve said countless times before, it’s not about wearing high end designer from head to toe. Adopt a style that’s right for you and work up your confidence, it can charm even the most cynical of fashion minds. Plus we in fashion don’t really care about what people think about us, now do we?

Creeping up everywhere!

felix bendish's lizards

Felix Bendish is an accessory designer that I’ve met at a few fashion weeks now. I’ve always admired his pleasant disposition and most of all his jewellery. Every girl loves her trinkets and Felix gave us a whole lot to lust over, from neon fringe necklaces to sequined belts. What really caught my eye though, was the fact that his lizard brooches kept creeping up on everyone’s bags and shirts. I thought it was adorable and was thrilled when Felix gave me one, I’m always embarrassed when a designer gives me things for free, because as a fellow designer I know the hard work that goes into everything. So, big THANK YOU to Felix for little louis, which is what I’ve named my lizard.

Ken Doll

Ken Ferns

Now doesn’t every barbie girl want a Ken who can stitch an incredible pair of white pants? Well I found you one, Ken Ferns who is the sweetest designer I know, showcased his first resort collection. It was made up of bright whites and the palest ivory. It was a collection that stood out for it’s stark colour pallet and easy to wear pieces. What caught my eye was the surface texture he did for the pants and one kaftan, a sort of smocking technique that gave the fabric a interesting weight. Almost all the collections at IRFW 2011 were a mixture of colours and lack of interesting texturization, making Ken’s very memorable.

Nari’s Men

nari's men

Narendra Kumar’s resort collection called Osonai will be a hit with all those couples whose men depend on their women to be dressed. What I mean by this is simply that Narendra has this amazing eye for mens fashion seen through a woman’s lens. He knows how we want our men to look, sadly though our men are not as adventurous as us. This collection’s strength was definitely in the very casual chic menswear. I love the pants and safari-esque shirts for women too, it had a real sense of power dressing especially with these bold colours. A very inspired collection, one that will hopefully be seen on many resort/cruise goers.

Who Needs the Boys?

my fashion girls

I used to think that I was one of the boys, someone who just hung out better with the boys, but that was my own misconception. It’s only since I’ve started to hit my mid 20s that I’ve realized the importance of true girl friends. I’ve been lucky enough off course to find independent, career driven, interesting and self-made fun girls (the type that scare boys easy) no matter where I go. My set of girls this time were Samrridhi Kukreja, Isha Bhansali and not the least Shruti Thacker. You’ll be hearing a lot about them in the future, that is for sure. So stay tuned for a lot more India Resort Fashion Week 2011 girly fun.


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