India Resort Fashion Week 2011, Day 1 – How lucky can one girl get?

Since it’s so chaotic here and the other blog posts take more priority, these post are going to be a bit sporadic, so bare with me! but if you want live update then follow all the fashion tweets on @IRFW2011 and mine on @SueCastellino.

blogging bliss

So, yesterday I boarded a flight and headed off to sunny Goa with MissMalini and Team to cover India Resort Fashion Week 2011. I have to say a big THANK YOU to MissMalini for taking me along to cover the event. Not only are we staying at this gorgeous hotel – The Grand Hyatt, Goa, but also because it’s been ages since I’ve done some serious (kindda) fashion blogging (Check out my fashion review on HERE).

Too much Leg!

purple haze

This is what I wore for Day 1 of IRFW 2011, a simple  sequinned dress with some fierce (still unnamed) tan booties both from People are People (Philippines). Now don’t get me wrong, I love mini dresses, but just not on me, I neither have the legs for it or the confidence to pull it off. Although that is reason enough to wear them, just to get over it no? Also I do need to hit the gym, this show of cellulite is embarrassing! 

Such a Tease

james ferreira

I had the great privilege of meeting James Ferreira at an intimate dinner in Delhi after his show, but it was his talk at the Lakme Workshops and his fashion that made me a huge fan. His show was as fashionable as ever, his liquid silk draped dresses hugged the body in the just the right way that would make any man shudder. I’m serious, these are some drool worthy dresses. Not to mention the peeks of skin from under folds of fabrics as you walk, such a tease, just like James himself. Ooh almost forgot, love the chunky wood and gold heels too!

Gal Pal 4 life bro

so cute

My favourite Gal Pal, Samrridhi Kukreja , she’s a breathe of fresh air to the otherwise very fashion oriented week. Always dressed to the nines in Shivan & Narresh courtesy her brother Narresh (lucky her!). We used to go eye candy crazy and keep whispering ‘so cute, so cute, so cute” every time a hot boy walked by, sadly we haven’t really seen any worth mentioning.. but it is only day 1 (actually 2). So maybe I’ll be surprised (fingers crossed). Oh and for the record her new word is ..BRO (#facepalm moment)

I want

girl crush

I am totally crushing on these heels that Voguette Shruti Thacker is wearing, they are super hott with those studs and broad heel. She did confess that they were hurtful, but then again which pair of high heels aren’t? Plus when they look that fabulous, a little pain is only natural!

My Only Complaint

grand hyatt goa

Alright so there is one complaint, I had to share this lovely double bed with a stranger! They paired us up with people since there weren’t many rooms, and I got paired with someone i didn’t know, what a nightmare of a situation! Luckily though, I did get to know my room mate later on and she is very sweet and chilled out (phew thank God!). However, considering the bathoom is opened to our bedroom and the shower stall doesn’t have a shower curtain, good bye privacy (perfect room for the CA banker boy and I huh?, yes he’s still on my mind!) Ah well, lets look at the bright side shall we? Perfect View.. Goa.. Free accomodation.. Free Alcohol and 5 star food. Hey a girl can’t complain.. too much


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