Shoe Bites: Ruchika Sachdeva Opens her First Store Bodice

ruchika sachdeva

Picture Courtesy Wareabout, Manou Manou

I first met Ruchika Sachdeva when she showcased her fabulous GenNext collection, and ever since then she’s been getting better and better. From her androgynous and period-esque garments to her edgy accessories, this girl has a mind for strong design. Hence, It was only fitting that her next step be opening her own store that harnessed that design aesthetic. Nestled amongst the other big names in Haus Khaz is Bodice.


The store feels like many young designer’s apartment I’ve been to, where you talk about all things intellectual while sipping wine and looking over the new collection. It’s precisely this that makes her store so unique and inviting. It’s always good to have a space that reflects your brand to show your collections. Ruchika makes clothes for the chic independent urbanite, who will love the ambiance of the store and no doubt want to take a bit of that with them when they leave. So, when you’re in Delhi next, stop by and have a look.

At home


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