Toe Tappers: Dualist Inquiry ‘Gravitat’

Before we talk about the song and this musician I just want to tell you a little story of how I learned of this artist. So bare with me! I headed over to my local bar last night called The High Spirits, where they were hosting the Bacardi’s High idol. A great local competition for Pune talent, although me along with a few others (and very tall men) were a bit fed up of all the adele covers. I’m missing the finals which is sad as my friend Waylon D’mello is going to sing california girls in an acoustic arrangement. He chose that song after I made him listen to it trying to help him win the competition, I want to be able to say I have a friend who won Idol, even if it isn’t THE idol.


In between the auditions Ankur Tewari played two of his songs. This is where it gets really embarrassing, (for me). Ankur was talking to the crowd about something serious and sad in nature, now not having heard what he said but completely in love with his music me and a friend started clapping at the un opporuned moment. Obviously the whole room looked back at us with a ‘so insensitive yaar’ look. So Ankur if you are reading this, really sorry for the face palm moment, we’re big fans!

dualist inquiry

Thanks to David Selvam for this picture above of Sahej at High, got it from the Dualist Inquiry FB page

Okay now for the Dualist Inquiry, Sahej Bakshi the man behind the sound, he combines his guitar riffs with electronic music on these crazy machines that to us fashionistas look very high tech. This was my first time hearing him play, and my only thought was, why hadn’t I heard him sooner. I loved the whole mix of melodies, his guitar playing and electronic loops, it was all very for a lack of a better adjective.. cool. I really wish he had played outside, as it got stuffy inside the little area he was set up in. So decided to step out, and when I was about to come back in the light flashed on and the night was done. Such is a night life of Pune folks.

Sorry about this really long post, don’t worry though shall go back to short sweet and juicy again!

Also if you love the bar, this music and the artist that played follow them all on twitter

The High Spirits – @thehighspirits
DualistInquiry – @dualistinquiry
Ankur Tewari – @ankurtewari


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