Toe Tappers: Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto ‘Desafinado’

Today I made myself dinner after the longest time! Since I was out of practice and knew I’d get flustered, I decided to play some calm music. Although in hind sight I was quite with the programme and didn’t really need it. Yet in the background was the soothing sounds of Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto. The laid back melody and feather light vocals really makes for great listening pleasure. I was looking for the english translation of the lyrics, and found a version by George Michael and Gilberto Astrud who did their version of the same song. Now I don’t speak protugese and not sure if it’s a direct translation, but is suspect it is.

Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto

Lyrics(couldn’t find an Official Lyrics Video sorry):

If you say my singing is off key, my love
You would hurt my feelings, don’t you see, my love ?
I wish I had an ear like yours,
A voice that would behave
All I have is feeling
And the voice God gave

You insist my music goes against the rules
Yes, but rules were never made for lovesick fools
I wrote this song for you
But you don’t care
It’s a crooked song, ah,
But my heart is there

The thing that you would see if you would play the part
Is even if I’m out of tune I have a gentle heart
I took your picture with my trusty Rolleiflex
And now all I have developed is complex

Possibly in vain, I hope you weaken, oh my love
And forget those rigid rules that undermine my dream of
A life of love and music with someone who’ll understand

That even though I may be out of tune when I attempt to say
How much I love you
And all that matters is the message that I bring,
Which is: my dear one, I love you


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