Shoe Bites: City Girls Can Cook, Here is Proof

Dinner for 1

In my earlier Toe Tapper’s post I wrote about how I cooked dinner for myself, well I suspected not many of you would believe I can actually cook, my mom and dad sure don’t! So here is the proof, a picture and with this picture I declare that city/career girls can also cook! Yes, it’s a simple meal of rice, dal, bhendi fry and karela salad. I know you think yuck, karela salad but try it out. I’m giving you the recipe, make it and let me know what you think. This is a filipino dish, the only think I learnt how to make there! 

Karela Salad

Serves 1
1 Karela
2 Tsp of Cooking vinegar
1 Lime (juice)
1/2 an Onion

Finely cut the karela and onion into slices. The thinner it is the better as it soaks up the acidity from the lime and vinegar masking the natural bitterness. Add the Vinegar and juice of one lime, I say about 2 table spoons, however it should be enough to really soak into the karela, but don’t over do it. Let this rest in the fridge for atleast 30-45 mins before you eat so that all the bitter taste goes away. Plus it tastes a lot more crisp and delicious


2 responses to “Shoe Bites: City Girls Can Cook, Here is Proof

  1. i cant stand the taste of karela…but it sure looks good!

  2. waylonpaylon

    to aid with masking the bitterness you can also strip the karela off its ridges before slicing it.

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