Decoding the Runway: Blumarine

groovy baby

I am on the fence about all the shoes that Bluemarine put up for Spring/Summer 2011. Part of me thinks they are are way to whimsical and tacky to be worn, and the other part is screaming saying OMG these are precious. Maybe it’s my love for things from the 70s, I almost imagine these neoprene (or is it just plastic) heels in an Austin Powers movie worn with a mini skirt and a union jack tee, you know what I mean? 


Also taking it’s place on the Blumarine runway were these plastic fringe heels. Colour coordinated with the outfit, they were seen in black with orange, yellow, blue & green with the odd all white or all fuchsia pair. I’m dead certain that these will be uncomfortable to wear, as I’m sure they are extremely itchy. I can handle the numbness in my toes, but down right irritation is another thing! Whatever said and done, Anna Molinari sure has one vivid imagination, and to be honest I love the collection of both Blumarine and Blu Girl. Some of the sequinned dresses are on my christmas wish list.


2 responses to “Decoding the Runway: Blumarine

  1. I love the fact they are heels… But the first ones are a little much for me… Without a doubt, with the right outfit, they would be perfect. 😉

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