Toe Tappers: Sky Ferreira ‘Traces’

Love, Love,Love this song. It’s called traces song by the talented Sky Ferreira. This song i found posted on my FB walled tagged by my best boo Allison Thwaites. The amount of times Alli has been mentioned on this blog i really feel she should write atleast one post right!? what say readers would you like to see how the Jamaicans party.. I would! Not many of you know this, but since Alli and I are both not into the men in our lives right now, we decided to make a ‘Men hating’ playlist on youtube. This song has to go on up there.

Sky Ferreira

Oh I felt than just copy/pasting the lyrics didn’t really serve the purpose, so I’ll try to always find the ‘Official Lyrics video’ to add it in these posts. BTW, these videos are so impressive, fans are truly amazing especially when they are inspired by the music.

Love, Love Love


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