23. Jackie (goes to Miami)


I finally got to go to Miami at the Marriot, a really great club in Pune, although I wish more of the Koregaon/Kalani Nagar crowd would turn up there. It was Natalie’s brother Simon’s birthday and we all headed there to celebrate with him. Amongst the EDM, requesting songs and a whole lot of drinks, I realised that it’s GOOD to be back home (too bad such a big part of me wanted CA banker boy to be there). Keeping those thoughts aside, I did have fun with Jackie, she’s very attention grabbing though! 

I’m in Miami..Bitch?


Miami has some great ceiling decorations like plastic blades of grass, however anyone with a a high pair of heels can actually touch them, so maybe it wasn’t the best idea. OR maybe it was just me who was a head taller than most, with a sudden urge to touch the sky. Could have been that coffee tequila we shot I had. Speaking of shots, one included standing at the bar with your head back and the bar tender pouring alcohol down your throat. Hmm, messy and thank God it had Vodka (I’m allergic) because I would not have liked getting alcohol down my new blouse!

head shot


simon birthday

Being that Natalie and I are the same age, and Simon is younger (although pretends to be much wiser than us), it was our job being the oldies to embarrass him. Isn’t that what big sisters do? I’m not simon’s sis, but can’t help feel sisterly and want to torture him in from of his friends.. did someone say we should do the robot dance!? Although I couldn’t do the moves I did manage to bug him about smiling, the kid just doesn’t smile! Oh in case you were wondering, he’s taken ladies!


cheers clink

We girls, Nyati, Namrata, Natalie and I decided that since we had champagne (or was it sparkling wine) that we needed to toast to something. We aptly came up with something that all us girls crave for and toasted ‘To Life, Love and a higher Pay raise!’ It is the recession after all, and money is crucial!

Fun People = Fun Night

black and gold

So the night was fun was because we had a great bunch of people who just wanted to have a great no issue/hang up night. There were a lot of eventful happenings, but I don’t blab about my friends, just about me and I didn’t do anything scandalous, sorry for being so boring! Oddly enough though all of us were in black, gold and lace. I bet it’s because we all go shopping at the same high street shops.





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