Shoe Bites: Snow Globe Rings are AWESOME!

japanese and their design genius

What could be more precious than snow globes? Snow globes that are miniature and on rings! Yes, leave it up to the Japanese to come up with the most interesting designs. Who would have thought to combine these un-related objects into jewellery huh? The design team at Shannam did. They created these rings with a sense of what they say is ‘a glimmer, a touch, a place, a continuity, a dream captured within suspended streams of consciousness’; Calling this collection – Fragmented Chronicles. 

snow globe rings

What fascinates me the most is that each ring has a story,the little characters in the rings all seem to have a life of their own. These rings are conversational pieces, can you imagine coming up a different story every time someone new sees it? Plus it’s a great piece of jewellery to pass to your grand kids no? Although my grandkids are going to inherit my shoe collection (you knew that was coming no?)


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