Shoe Bites: Jump in Bed with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

hot and sticky

Hmm now this is interesting. Twilight fanatics, would you buy the bed that Edward and Bella got steamy in? Well if you’re that obsessed, then you can have it for the small price of 4,500 usd for a queen size or  5,100 usd for the king size. Alright, I liked the movies and all, but COME ON!! Seriously even the most twi-hard (sorry about the pun here) can’t jump into that bed and sleep well now can you? OR CAN YOU!? Honestly, from all I see in the picture above, I’d buy the dress, it’s super cute and great for many occasions!

mash studios bed

If you really don’t believe me then go to their website, for what it’s worth, its a great marketing strategy! Movie merchandise sometimes sells as much as the movie/book. Remember those Lord of the Ring jewellery, Harry Potter wands..what next Jacobs’s work out dvds, you know I’d buy it just to watch him work out right?


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