Shoe Bites: The Scandalous Life of Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich

Marlene Dietrich has to be THE silver screen goddess. She wasn’t the classic beauty everyone is taken with, but something about her has that star quality. Unlike many other actresses in the 1930s, Marlene was known to be warm, amicable, liberal (for her time) and a beautiful human being. Words not often used to describe her counter parts. Who are we kidding with that charming description of Marlene? We all know that the 1930s was known for women being promiscuous and sought after by both men and women.

Marlene and Douglas Fairbanks Jr

Marlene was most definitely a women of her time and not shy by the advances from some of the most well known personalities of that time. It is said that that both Joan Crawford and Douglas Fairbanks Jr (husband and wife) had an affaire with Ms. Dietrich. Can you imagine how ahead of their times these 3 were.

saucy sirens

After learning more about Marlene’s life, I read that she had a a short but steamy stint with siren Rita Hayworth. Rita is quoted saying “best head I ever got was from Marlene Dietrich” apparently Rita was not as giving saying   “Manana” (Spanish for tomorrow), which apparently never came; when Marlene asked for Rita to return the favour. I don’t know about you, but this was a shocker and I’m from an era that boasts of Tiger Woods, can you imagine how illicit this must have been back in their day!?

famous friends

I’m sure you can recognise some of these stars she’s hanging gout with. Charlie Chaplin, the Beetles,  Edith Paif, Audrey Hepburn, John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe are just some of the many famous friends she’s had. I wonder how many affaires she’s had with them! Now now, she might have had a seemingly naughty lifestyle, but lets not forget all those other accolades like getting a Presidential Medal of Freedom, raising war bonds and become the highest payed woman in the world in the early to mid 1930. What a life huh? She lived till the ripe old age of 90, died in 1992 in her Pairs apartment. If I had just one day with Marlene it would be like living a lifetime through all the stories told with her dry wit.

If like me you have been throughly inspired by the classic look Marlene Dietrich has, then here is how to get it. Pixiwoo has some of the best tutorials, but this by far is the best. Have fun trying it out!


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