Shoe Bites: Anne Hathaway’s Protests For Occupy Wall Street

anne hathaway

Many New Yorkers have taken to the streets to join the Occupy Wall Street movement, one of the ‘We are 99%’ was someone you might recognise. It’s none other than actress Anne Hathaway, seen holding the signs Blackboards not Bank$ and Blackboards not Bullets. I’m sure it was quite a distracting to have the pretty young thing walking amongst the protestors. Or did it help get the protestors more of a notice because of the celebrity factor?

celebrity support

Other Celebrities like Susan Surandon, Lupe Fiasco, Marc Ruffalo, Sean Lennon and Rufus Wainwright and a bevy of others have all shown their support. Thing is, the way I see it, celebrities who have joined the cause are… RICH. THeir support in my opinion just diminishes the value of the cause. What do you think?


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