She Bites: Twilight Twilight! Yes we’re Smitten and .. Bitten

ear plugs

IT’s a known fact that fans do anything for their stars and stars do anything for their fans. Don’t believe me then take a look at some of the pictures I found on twitter. Ashley Greene along with her cast mates must be wearing some ear plugs, because I’m sure these fan are going hysterical!  Nikki Reed takes the cake when it comes to being a salve to her fans, she climbed up on her body guard to reach over and do some autographs.

fan love

so hot

Kellan Lutz was also spotted signing autographs, damn this boy is FINE! I don’t know about these stars, but signing an autograph book is not what I have in mind when in comes to Kellan, know what I mean ladies? Especially if I had a tent and was waiting for the premier.. I mean place, time.. what more do you need?! Oh yeah some chai, What did you think I wanted to do with him? Get your mind out the gutter! Was just thinking of a tea party!

twilight tents

I know everyone is going crazy about the wedding in this movie, but to decorate the premiere’s after party like the wedding scene is a bit much right? Especially considering that the stars who are attending have already been in it for HOURS, take after take after take! Must say though, it’s so romantically gorgeous, I’m sure fans who are about to be wed will adopt many of these ideas for their wedding.

after party wedding


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