Shoe Bites: Freida Pinto and Naked Men, Hmm.. Yes Please!

gorgeous men

With all this damn heart break a girl needs some serious eye candy to cheer her up. I’m going to get mine watching Immortals. Look at these gorgeous men, and they are barely clad, I’d have loved to be the costume designer for this movie I can tell you that! Might I suggest humming or listening to ‘Sexy and I Know it’ by LMFAO while scrolling down looking at these pics.

he works out

Well actually I’d have switched places with Freida Pinto who is also acting in this movie. Were there any kissing scenes, Oh the life! These men namely Henry Cavil, Stephen Dorff, Kellan Lutz, Luke Evans and Joseph Morgen all look impeccably fit and FINE. Why not gawk at them with a bug bowl of popcorm (caramel) and a Diet coke huh? Isn’t that what they hit the gym for anyways?

freida Pinto


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