Shoe Bites: To be Sunburnt for the 5th Year or not?

first ever sunburn

It’s no surprise to anyone who has met me, that I’ve been to 3 of the 4 Sunburn Festivals that are held in Goa. I loved the concept from the beginning (back when I was just turning 20!) and have paid my way through the years to see and experience three days of absolute dance frenzy with the best DJs. This year will be no different, but I face a question I thought I never would. Should I go this year?

sunburn 2007

Although, it’s not so much about me but more about you, Are you going? Here are my pictures from Sunburn 07 to Sunburn 10 (except 08, I couldn’t go). I dug them out especially for you. Hope they are inspiration enough for you to go! You never know you might see me there.. still indecisive!

Armin Van Buuren, Roger Sanchez and me

Sunburn from it’s humble beginning has change considerably, for the good and the bad, Yet, it always delivers especially since the Submerge team plays such a big part of this Percept event.More often than not it’s because of the Submerge team that I even want to go. I love that they work tirelessly months in advance, everyone form my Pune boys Srikant Seshadri, Arnold Wilson and Payal Jairaj to the founders DJ Pearl (my main reason for going last year), Nikhil Chinapa and Hermit Sethi.

thank you

Plus let’s not forget Hermit’s amazing fiance Shveta Salve who I love to catch up with when ever I see her, she’s a ball of fashionable energy. One of my best memories was thanks to Payal and Shveta who got me up on the Castle stage when Pearl was playing, something I’m never going to forget! So what’s keeping me from making up my mind?

sunburn 2010

I really don’t know! I’ve never been so confused about making such a simple decision.  So what shall I do readers? If you have never been to Sunburn, then I HIGHLY recommend it! It’s exhilarating. One thing I strongly suggest, go with people who want to go JUST for the music. I missed so many great artist because people wouldn’t wake up or had their own agenda, so go with like minded folks and you’ll have a blast.

make your memories count

My Sunburn crew and merry memory makers Neha Khandwani (and Wes), Pushpak Shah, Vidur Mehmi, VeerArora, Srekanth Seshadri, Nitesh Jagwani, Jonathan Pillai (no pictures?!?!) and Sami Savanur

This Post would be complete if I didn’t mention shoes now would it? For all my Saunterers who were wondering what shoes I wore to Sunburn 2010, here they are – meet Andy and Ruby.

Me at Sunburn 2010

Line up videos Here


One response to “Shoe Bites: To be Sunburnt for the 5th Year or not?

  1. Sami

    As Always .. The big December Decision.. Nice Article .. : )

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