Shoe Bites: Barbie Killed Ken, He Had it Coming

ken deserved it

I found one of these photographs in a phtostream on my facebook wall and I was hooked. A series of pictures by photographer (and artist) Mariel Clayton showing her distaste for Barbie’s stereotypical life. I always suspected Ken was up to no good, teaming up with the G.I Joes and getting into mischief. So I’m super thrilled Barbie got her bloody revenge. Ladies don’t we feel like this some times? Alright, ALL the time? I love that Barbie is doing what I sometimes what to do to some of the men in my life. Heck they deserve it don’t they? I don’t really have a favourite out of all of these, they are all pretty good but I think the one where she is cleaning up the blood trail in the kitchen is classic (bottom pic, second one from the top).



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