Decoding the Runway: Miu Miu

sinfully velvet

Christmas is probably one of the few times you can wear velvet on your feet without looking like you’re trying to hard. Miu Miu gives us booties and mules in luscious velvet colours, the pointed toe and curved heel lends it that elf like quality that I’m crazy about. These mind you are the most tame out of the collection. Sticking with the mule shoe but taking it to a delightfully cowboy-esque level are these next few heels.

funky mules

Whether you love them or not, they are definitely eye catching. Quite frankly I don’t think I could pull them off, especially with my current wardrobe. Yet I’m sure a lot of stylists will be using them for their more elaborate photo shoots. Quirky fashion bloggers I’m sure will be trigger happy when they see these and the boots (below) on the streets of our fashion capitols.

crazy but greay boots

These boot are not made for walking but rather will stop people around you and make them stare! I have to say I like them the least of all the shoes I’ve seen on the runway for spring/summer, but it works in a fashion context. Real life work-aholics like us though would probably not have the occasion or the nerve to walk out in a pair of these. So I’ll leave these boots to ladies like Anna Dello Russo who will surely give me a schooling on how to make fashion work for you.


One response to “Decoding the Runway: Miu Miu

  1. The wild Mui Mui… As I mentioned before… Just wish they had my size. 😉

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