Shoe Bites: Why Versace Remains my Favourite Brand

My first ever memory of fashion was a fashion show I saw of Gianni Versace. As a child I was put into a trance when I saw those colours mixed with the sheer glamour and luxury come down the runway. It was then that I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer. Now, so many years later, Versace is still my favourite design house, although many other have been added to my list. Donatella Versace has a great eye for dressing a woman’s body and it was evident on the runway. The thing with designer though, is that unless you have the money you can’t afford it. That’s why I’m over the moon that Versace joined together with H&M, finally I can afford at least one piece of Versace clothing. I’m sure it’ll be a lot more expensive than most clothing at H&M but it’s worth it, it’s VERSACE!!

celebrities in versace


I’m not the only one who is thrilled by this collection, even starlets and celebrities who can afford actual Versace are clamouring to get a piece of the action. Above are Kesha, Jennifer Hudson, Uma Thurman, Jessica Alba, Niki Minaj, Chloe Moretz, Emma Roberts and Salma Blair and Blake Lively can be seen on our High Heel Celebrity post HERE. Just for the record, I’m a simple girl, I don’t need flowers, just buy me some Versace for H&M for christmas (hint hint CA banker boy!).


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