22. Kate (how girls like to party)


Kate hates the rain and it’s ironic because every time she goes out, it pours! This time we went to this outdoor restaurant and although we did have sufficient cover, it still was a little damp. Joining us was Amrita Amarnani and Tina Nandwani for a night of good fun with white sine sangria and delicious gamba. We later on hit a bar/club where the hottest female DJ played the latest electronic/RnB music! The only disturbing part of the evening was the names of the cocktails, I’ve heard of sex on the beach, but never of abortion!

Drink. Eat. Dance


This restaurant Cerveseria which is in Greenbelt 3 a mall in Makati has a great outdoor atmosphere. Plus, they have a wide variety of great tapas. We tried the gambas (shrimp) with a garlic and the fried calamari, perfect drinking food no? To wash it down we tried out the white wine sangria. The sangria was a bit of a let down, I normally like more than just two types of fruit in my sangria, but it was a nice refreshing drink. The only down side of these restaurants in greenbelt are the ‘ladies of the night’ who are everywhere and although it’s not so in your face, it’s hard to ignore. Considering I hardly ever see this happening openly in India and some other countries it’s a bit of a downer.

abortion drink

I really wanted to ask the waiter what the ‘abortion’ cocktail had but couldn’t get myself to ask! Can you imagine saying  “my friends and I will have 3 abortions, thanks!” Although in hind sight, I think it would have been good to ask what it contained. Also how cheap are drinks huh? You know the prices in Mumbai, heck even Pune would have been 5 times that. I mean a regular is 158p and the premium is 208p, great place to come on a budget!


After enjoying our tapas and laughing over getting an ‘abortion’, we then headed to this tiny little bar called Izakaya, packed with tons of tables and just enough space to dance around it. The highlight of this place.. The ONE cute guy I spotted and he was tall, such a rarity here considering I’m taller with or without my heels (for the record I’m only 5ft 5). Sorry about no pictures, I wasn’t bold enough to walk up to him and congratulate him on being the only cute guy I’ve seen since getting here (where are they hiding)! Although, no one was hotter than the DJ! I decided to be cheeky and take a picture of her when she wasn’t looking, but she got upset.. That I didn’t get a GOOD picture of her and then promptly posed! She did play some great new RnB songs that got us dancing so much that I think I made up for not excising that day.

hot dj

Wine in a can

wine can

This is very random I know and it wasn’t spotted on the same night, but I had to share it with with you! When I lived in Milan, I used to see wine in Tetra packs at the grocery store.  Since I was on a budget though, I used to sometimes try it. Yes it was gross and yes I learnt not be cheap when it came to eating and drinking. That’s why when I saw these cans of wine I was a bit taken a back. I really want to try it though, can I please? How about I try is as an excuses for the blog huh? Does it make it seem less sketchy then? …. yeah I thought not.


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