Shoe Bites: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Stuck In Cement

watch your step

It seems like Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner are the holy trinity of young hollywood now days. Considering their attraction together is greater that when they are separate, it’s no surprise that all three were called to the Grauman’s Chinese Theater for the hand and footprint ceremony. Forever cementing the twlight claim to fame, can’t wait to go see it (sense the sarcasm here folks).

Don’t bend too much!

kristen stewart

Kristen’s Mario Schwab dress a tad bit too short considering she had to be on her haunches, luckily not showing off too much of her twilight! I’m so glad she opted for a pair of Vans canvas shoes rather than ruin her Brian Atwood ‘Marcella’ pumps during the footprint ceremony! Can’t see a sexy pair of high heels get forever damaged due to wet cement!

Priceless Twilight Fan


I always like to keep an eye on the crowd behind celebrities to see their faces get caught up in the excitement. It was hilarious to see Robert and the fan behind him have similar expression, this s candid photography at it’s most entertaining!

Signed With Blood, Tears and Sweat

sign me up

It would have actually been appropriate for Robert to sign in blood based on his Vampire character. Kristen in tears because she looks in pain throughout all the movies and Taylor in sweat because he’s sooo steamy! Oh actually I break out into a sweat when I see Taylor Shirtless!

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