Toe Tappers: Lil Wayne ‘Lollipop – A to Z Dubstep mix’

I’ve been starting to listen to dubstep since last Sunburn where I heard Bay Beat Collective play. Although more than the originals I like the remixes of popular songs, like Lollipop by Lil Wayne. This is an incredibly sexy rendition of the original, one that when you listen to it, you’ll either love or hate. Chances are though that the bass is going to be running through your head all day. This song is my go to ‘after party – home scene’ song, as it’s mellow but in a way that still carries with it the hype of the club you’ve just left. I know that a confusing analogy, but you’ll understand it once you listen to the song. Sorry about the suggestive picture in the video, Lil Wayne really should do a video with this remix!

lil wayne


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