Shoe Bites: Anil Kapoor in Mission Impossible

Anil Kapoor is staring in Mission Impossible 4! Alright many of you already knew this, but I only just saw the trailer the other day when I went to see ‘The Change up’ here in the Philippines. I was so surprised that I almost screamed saying OMG that’s ANIL! I’ve never been a big fan of the MI series or Tom Cruise but I can’t wait to see this one because of Anil. A bollywood actor in a hollywood movie, that’s the only reason I’m going to watch it. I really should watch some of Anil’s bollywood movies first, but I really value 3 hours in a day and would rather blog or catch up with friends. See him in the trailer at 1:11 into the video. Also I’m super thrilled that birtish comedian/actor Simon Pegg is in it too, makes the movie more enticing to go see.

anil kapoor

Anil was recent spotted in mumbai at a special MI4 screening for the media. Sorry about the bad pictures! So what do you think, will you go to see the movie?


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