22. Denise (shoes falling from the sky)


Another shopping trip, yes there isn’t much else to do in Alabang, Philippines! Although, tonight I’m going to meet some friends in Makati, which promises to be more exciting, which I’m sure it is! A night of drinks and girly gossip, can’t wait, after the emotional week I’ve had,it’ll be a great change. You’ll have to wait for that though.. till then here are some of my recent buys.

Rain down on me!

falling from the sky

If I had a massive house with an eclectic sort of shabby chic vibe Id love nothing better than this to be hanging over my staircase! OKay it’s a bit much, even for me, I love my heels but only on my feet. I saw this shoe-alier hanging in a footwear store and thought it was a quirky design element.

I like it big

get it right

Amrita Amarnani and I both agree that bigger is better when it comes to engagement rings. No we didn’t go to a diamond store and try out engagement rings, we were actually in Forever 21 and spotted these. Now don’t get cheap boys, we want real diamonds. Damn I think I’ve scared off the CA banker boy (more than I already have!)

Shoe First Aid Kit

shoe care box

This store called Manels always has some interesting high heels in amazingly soft and unusual colours, which is why it’s been on my Philippines shoe list since I got here. My dad saw a great beige pair of loafers and decided he had to be a little trendy (a separate post on that soon). No influence from me I swear! While he was trying on his shoes, I saw this really handy kit. It comes in a compact box that holds two shoe polishes, two shoe brushes and the ever handy shoe horn. A great father’s day gift.

Here Kitty Kitty

hello kitty

Seriously, how could you not go crazy looking at these Hello Kitty items? I want all of it!! I saw an amazing HK cup that I think will be perfect for when I start making my Pune house, my permanent home. Dang it should have gotten a picture! Sorry readers, I’ll buy it and then when I go Home SWEET Home, will take a picture of Natalie Grant and I drinking our usual evening chai. Sound good?

Curl ’em ups

curl ups

For a make up novice a pair of eyelash curlers probably look like instruments of torture, but believe me, use them and you’ll be amazed at how gorgeous your eyelashes look. I saw these Japanese ones a flipped, they are PINK! I’m not a Barbie girl living in a barbie world or anything but these actually have a gentle curl that fits into my eye socket nicely, so important when buying a proper curl up. It’s just an additional bonus that’s it pink!

Injection time

inject me

I Love unassuming pens and lighters, like this injection pen, at first glance you’d think it’s real until you click it and a ball point comes out. Would have been fun for a Halloween costume, go as the naughty nurse with one of these pens as your weapon! If you really want to have fun, give this to a a really serious CEO friend of yours and have him use this pen when making deals. Can you imagine the look on the clients face when he says “now we shall sign the deal in… Blood!”

You’re Getting Fat


Another reason why I just have to go back to India.. cellulite. I don’t know what is in the food here, but I’ve never seen so much cellulite on my legs before. I mean I’ve always been chunky thigh-ed but this is ridiculous! Must be all that Lechon Kawali (yum but dayem). So to get myself active again, I decided to get a pedometer. To be active and shed some pounds, you need to have 10k-12k steps a day. I’ve so far plateaued at 8k and am working at building it up to 10 in another week’s time. I’ve never been a bikini babe, but at 24 it’s time I START aiming for that!


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