Shoe Bites: Tresmode has an Online Store.. Did you know?

lusting afterPicture courtesy Trésmode

When Trésmode first launched, my first thought was – Finally a brand that understands women’s obsession for sexy heels. Now that they have this online store, my first, NOBODY told me!! Their designs are bold, risqué and always pushing the boundaries, something I very much admire in Heels. How excellent and fun it would it be to have a pair of Elevated Saunterers for Trésmode huh? I can dream can’t I, after all I am a fashion designer and high heel addict!

TresmodePicture courtesy Trésmode

I’m thrilled with this online store because now, you can send your friend who doesn’t live in the same city as you a pair of shoes for Christmas! The site has other features like all their past and present ad campaigns to browse through. I’m loving the naughty secretary vibe the current campaign has, must say I wish I had a boss that looked like that! Additionally a buzz section where you can see the pair of shoes you want spotted on a celebrity or in a magazine.  Alright, now stop reading this and go order a pair of heels you’ve been lusting after! But come back again for some more High Heel adventures with me!


2 responses to “Shoe Bites: Tresmode has an Online Store.. Did you know?

  1. Love those silver ones. They are all great. 😉

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