21. Denise (likes a tropical atmosphere)


This is Lucy’s cousin Denise, they are awfully alike in many ways and perfect for my everyday troubles and jaunts. It was my mom’s birthday on the second and we decided to take her to this bistro called The Stock Market Café. What I love most about this place is the décor, they heavy pineapple inspiration throughout from the colours to even these gorgeous tiles. (picture above).

Island Feel

the stock market

This creamy yellow against the dark wood and leaf green remind me of a resort in the Caribbean somewhere. I’ve never been to the Caribbean but I think it’d have the same resort vibe. I can almost imagine these rattan chairs and that bar on the beach, can’t you? The center pieces of each table had mini pineapples, which added that rustic yet very chic touch to the whole restaurant.



You have to try out these exotic coolers, they sound like they’d be disgusting but actually rather surprising. I had the Celery and pineapple cooler and mom had the Ampalaya (karela family) cooler. Seriously, they were rally refreshing and had a perfect balance of sweet, sour and bitter.



Since, it was an informal birthday lunch, mom decided to get the clam chowder that’s served in a bread bowl instead of cake.  Delicious as it was, after a while the soup started getting thinker as the bread absorbed all the soup! Still yummy though. I had the carbonara, it wasn’t a classic rendition, but rather a modern approach. Personally I like a more traditional carbonara, but this was still quite delicious.




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