Decoding the Runway: Alexander McQueen

ariels gladiators

Spring Summer 2012 has a heavy tone of underwater influence, we saw it at Chanel, Versace and now at Sarah Burton’s Alexander McQueen. Yet, where Chanel made it classy and Versace made it sexy, Burton kept it true to the infant terrible. Just like the clothes the shoes had complexities that explaining in words would not do it just. The most intriguing aspect of a McQueen shoe is the actual heel. The shoes above I like to call Ariel’s gladiators, I imagine the little mermaid stepping out in these when she gets her land legs, don’t you?

rippled soles

I know a lot of women like a wedge heel because they find it hard to endure the whole day in stilettos. If you like wedges too the ones above are gorgeous. They have dainty straps with just the right amount of matt metallic accents. The interpretation of water ripples on the platform are subtle enough that even the least risqué of ladies can wear them. If you are a feminine lady with a taste for the avant garde then pair coming up next will haunt you till you buy them.

ruff me up

Aren’t these the prettiest hard edged heels you’ve seen in a while? The really flouncy ruffles in the softest of shades are a great balance to the pearl metallic heel. These are definitely ‘stop traffic’ shoes especially if you wear them with a really demure fitted dress. Regardless of what you wear though, if you’re wearing McQueen heels, you will make a statement.

coral sea weed
This shock of color will look amazing on our skin tone but also with any outfit you wear. The texture on these shoes remind me of seaweed for some odd reason, but looking at it now it probably resembles some sort of algae. When it comes right down to it, the real inspiration really doesn’t matter, these shoes will inspire many photo shoots and fashionistas. I’m sure Alexander McQueen would be proud of how Sarah Burton has kept his identity even with her infused feminine touch.


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