Toe Tappers: David Guetta Feat Usher ‘Without You’

I am in L-O-V-E with this song, plus the video is bang on. With all this technology now days it seems like the world is getting smaller, but when it comes to actual distances, it’s still damn far! Don’t get me wrong I’m guessing long distances don’t work, never been in one and unfortunately ‘someone’ doesn’t want to be in one with me either! Wouldn’t it be awesome if David guetta could actually smush the continent together, making banker boy a whole lot closer? Alright as much as you guys love to hear about my pathetic love life – back to the song.

david guetta and usher

Usher looks like he’s sent from above in this video with the longer hair and that incredible denim jacket. Plus I like the way he’s styled, it has that whole 90s feel to it. It’s funny but it reminds me of ‘love don’t cost a thing‘ by J.Lo, the sunglasses mainly. David Guetta looks the same in all his videos even the expression, have you noticed? Watch all his video back to back and you ‘ll what I mean! His music is making huge waves, even in the U.S where they don’t even like electronic dance music. No wonder he’s No.1 in the world right now although I’m still a bigger Armin Van Buuren fan. Maybe it’s because I saw him live at Sunburn, my favorite EDM festival!


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