Decoding the Runway: Rochas

If you met me you’d know I’m not a girly-girl but even I have to say how adoral these Rochas (above) are. I’m a sucker for floral footwear, especially when they look like fresh or dried flowers on your shoes. The addition of the big block mirror heels is an added bit of glamour. One thing about these, they are really high and have no platform in the front, which will make them a pain to walk in, but who walks miles in shoes like these anyways? 

disco diva

This heel is a cross between a clog and a platform and has already hits stores here in the Philippines. It’ll be a huge trend for spring/summer 2012, especially for those of us who need the height. These heels were seen in different fabrics from metallics to velvets and even some ostrich leather. Personally I don’t like the look of such a wide open toe, but that’s a personal preference.

fashion zen

Speaking of a platform, they are back, to my dismay. I don’t know if I quite like the idea of revisiting my Spice Girl fan platform days, remember those? Although these one above, have a great balance between the jazzy heel and the contemporary straps. Keeping it simple in black and white, these shoes have a zen feel to them. Sort of like a modern day geisha shoe.


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