Shoe Bites: F1 Qualifiers a sneak peak.. and Alonso!

whats happening

While I’m nursing a still bruised knee,  friends are getting trigger and adrenalin happy at the F1 weekend in Delhi. I go away for a few months and miss out on all the fun – irony of my life! To keep me part of the loop, they sent me some of their pictures from the track today. I have to say a big thank you to technology and mainly BBm, it’s made file sharing so much easier! Here are a few glimpses of the fast and the furious?! Oh wait, the Metallica fans didn’t turn up! (sorry these jokes are not going to get old soon)

Thank you saunterers Sami & Rida Savanur and Sean Sehmbey for the pictures. Hope you have tons of fun tomorrow guys!

fernando alsonso

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Decoding the Runway: Prada

devil wear prada

This is one collection you either love or hate. Who would ever think that fashion’s highest of high brands would start to breath life into fashion. Since the time I saw the video look book of Prada’s last spring/summer collection, I knew that this would be a turning point for the design house. In a day where the Lady Gagas and Niki Minajs of our time are storming the red carpet in outrageous fashion, it was but obvious that designers would allow themselves to be playful and creative. Which leaves me asking one question, is inspiration getting too literal? Continue reading

Toe Tappers: Rachel Roy , Spring Summer 2011 ‘Move’

This isn’t a music video but rather a fashion video look book. Many designers have embraced the online with arms wide open and have started to promote their visions through this portal. I like to think of it as my front row seat to some of my favourite designers. Rachel Roy is one such designer and my role model, I aspire to be just like her, a successful business woman, fashion designer, mother and style icon (in her own right). She does all this with a great big smile and amicable attitude towards life.

Rachel Roy

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Shoe Bites: Sorry Metallica Fans but Lady Gaga is still in town


The F1 bash was supposed to have Metallica play.. TODAY. Unfortunately, the organisers are saying that it’s being postponned for tomorrow. The reason, unsure (as usual) but according to my twitter wall,  there was either a technical snag or too much chaos at the venue. Wow, second time this year this has happened and both times in Delhi. First was with the Bryan Adams show that was cancelled due to security reasons. Please as a fan of MUSIC, get your act together.  Continue reading

Decoding the Runway: Bottega Veneta

ugly pretty heels

Bottega Veneta had some unusual shoes this time, alright so they aren’t known for shoes, but still I was intrigued by what they put out. The unsual placement of the platform makes these heels stand out, kind of like those dogs that are so ugly they look cute, you know the type I’m talking about right? Available in jewel tones like emerald green and violet, these might make a good pair to have, yet I’m not convinced by the denim option. Denim in my opinion should only be used for jeans, I’m not falling for the denim heel.  Continue reading

20. Keri (something smells like…FISH)


This is Keri, she’s so totally hott. I found myself unable to stop staring, don’t you hate girls like that?! I saw her as I was shopping for my first ever winner. Sorry Amrita, these are not it, but you’re high heels coming soon. Today, was a day to give my poor feet some pampering but before I could kick back and relax, I had a few things to take care of.  Continue reading