Shoe Bites: India’s First Formula 1 Race with Bollywood stars and Vettel’s Bhagra moves..say what?

f1 is here

I’ve never watched a Formula 1 race in my life, but how could anyone miss this epic moment? The first ever F1 race in India and what a success it was. What a triumph for a country that is known for bad roads, traffic and manic drivers!


The Winners of the first ever India Buddha circuit F1 GP were Sabastian Vettel in 1st place, Jenson Button (I melt) in 2nd place and Fernando Alonso in 3rd place. Doesn’t it look like Sabas is doing the bhangra in the picture on the right?! Can you imagine if he get a bollywood role, aussie cricketers get endorsement deals so, I’m sure we’ll be seeing these racers on Indian telly soon.

SRK and Sutil

khan mallya roy

It was great to see some bollywood celebrities like Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and Gulshan Grover come to witness this event. Rowan Atkinson was also spotted at the race and looked rather angry with his favourite team’s driver Filipe Massa over the whole ‘slight’ collision with Lewis Hamilton. Collisions and all, I’m sure Dr. Vijay Mallya was all smiles throughout the day; not only was the whole weekend a big step ahead but also I’m sure he was surrounded by some hot F1 women!My favourite moment from the race had to be when Sachin Tendulkar (India’s Cricket sweetheart) waved the chequered flag.

Sachin Tendulkar

rowan atkinson

Deepika Padikone

gulshan and jean

sex appeal

I know nothing about cars but I’ve always loved the look of the McLaren. My cousin Andre Colaco and I as kids, used to play these racing games on the computer  and I remember always fighting with him to be racing in the McLaren. Maybe I need to find a a McLaren boy huh?

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