Toe Tappers: Dev – Booty Bounce

After watching this video I felt like I’ve been schooled on how to dress in an urban/80s/contemporary/artsy way. More informative than most contemporary fashion history lectures I had in college. Devin Star Tailes aka Dev  is the hottest thing to hit the music scene since.. Kesha, alright that isn’t saying much, but her beats and sick bass have a way of getting your head bobbing.

not one booty bounced

It’s ironic that considering the name of the song, not one booty bounced, instead it was dressed in 26 different looks. Don’t you love how still she is standing all throughout the video, so you can get a good look at what she is wearing. Not to mention the sudden flash of testosterone in between. Just in case you want to get a better view of some of the outfits, I’ve put them all together (you’re actually counting to see if I’m right huh.. cheeky cheeky). I’ve highlighted my favourite looks with a blue border. The clothing is mostly from the brand Hellz Bellz and some American Apparel (my favourite store for fantastic basics).

I bet the song is stuck in your head now huh? Speaking of lyrics of songs, My friend Allison Thwaites and I are convinced we’d be good song writers. Do you have that passing thought too, especially after the songs you hear these days. I mean if LMFAO, Kesha and … TAYLOR SWIFT can do it.. why can’t we?  Plus to quote Alli “We shoud have been song writters and I’m Jamaican so I would have been a hit in Japan!”

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