Decoding the Runway: Michael Kors

flat footed gladiator

Michael Kors knows how to dress a woman and make her look hip, glamourous, sophisticated and sexy all at the same time, this collection didn’t disappoint. His spring/summer 2012 collection had a definite African safari feel which he is only too good at. Where the clothes were feminine the shoes were masculine give the collection a balance of soft and edgy at the same time. Very butch gladiator sandals touching the knee in exotics leathers is typical Kors. Although I’m not sure I like the manly sole on the gladiator, had it been a tad more graceful it would have been on my crave list.

log heel

I quite fancy the chunky log heel, it looks like Michael went out, cut some firewood and decided, lets fasten it with some skins and make a shoe. The grain seen on the heel appears rustic but extremely polished in true Kors fashion, nothing goes down the runway unless it looks expensive. These look very pricey, and thats why I have no doubt his young clientele are going to eat away at the thought of having a pair.

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