Toe Tappers: Rachel Roy , Spring Summer 2011 ‘Move’

This isn’t a music video but rather a fashion video look book. Many designers have embraced the online with arms wide open and have started to promote their visions through this portal. I like to think of it as my front row seat to some of my favourite designers. Rachel Roy is one such designer and my role model, I aspire to be just like her, a successful business woman, fashion designer, mother and style icon (in her own right). She does all this with a great big smile and amicable attitude towards life.

Rachel Roy

Her designs dress some of the most influential and powerful women of our times like the first lady Michelle Obama. Amongst other names like Oprah Winfrey, Heidi Klum, the Williams sisters, Joy Bryant, Molly Sims, Fergie you get the idea.  I am in absolute awe of Rachel and strive to reflect in my own life the sense of elegance, power, business savy and sex appeal that she and the women she dresses emotes. Beside being on top of her game she also gives back to the community and to charities, something that has always been close to my heart. What’s the use of having money and a glamourous life when you know there are millions of other less fortunate than you.

first lady

The video is a look at the spring summer 2011 collection (yes it’s an old video), but the melody and the dancers in it are spectacular. I love that urban ethnic vibe that the video has which is made stronger by the choreography and the pace of the music. Oh, just in case you didn’t know Rachel Roy also names her shoes in her collections. Seen in the video are Castalia, Elsy, Cabrey, Evah and Shusha

rrr 2011

BTW, I  have my own pair of RACHEL Rachel Roy Heels and they are magnificent! Unfortunately they are back home so I can’t share with you an amazing photograph. I did wear them to Lakmé Fashion week though and my style was featured on their LFW TV. So you can get a glimpse of them HERE (I’m at the end of the video) and in the picture below with online Voguette Shruti Thacker.

rachel rachel roy


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