Shoe Bites: F1 Qualifiers a sneak peak.. and Alonso!

whats happening

While I’m nursing a still bruised knee,  friends are getting trigger and adrenalin happy at the F1 weekend in Delhi. I go away for a few months and miss out on all the fun – irony of my life! To keep me part of the loop, they sent me some of their pictures from the track today. I have to say a big thank you to technology and mainly BBm, it’s made file sharing so much easier! Here are a few glimpses of the fast and the furious?! Oh wait, the Metallica fans didn’t turn up! (sorry these jokes are not going to get old soon)

Thank you saunterers Sami & Rida Savanur and Sean Sehmbey for the pictures. Hope you have tons of fun tomorrow guys!

fernando alsonso

don't blink

the track

Actually, there were two stray dogs – a temporary hold up! Gotta love India!

metallica fans

best view


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